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ColaSec meetup January 20, 2015, roundup

Tuesday we had our first ColaSec meeting of the new year at IT-ology. Among the announcements we have POSSCON looking for security professionals to present at the conference who have a background and experience with implementing open source for security related projects. The POSSCON organizers approached us to help them fill the five speaking slots they have available. Each speaking session will be 45 minutes and should cover a topic that includes implementing or developing an open source tool for security. If this of interest to you or if you have questions, contact me at timothy.deblock[at]gmail[dot]com.

I presented on, How to get started and keep up with information security. When I first got interested in security I wasn’t exactly sure where I needed to start. This presentation is meant to share my experiences of going from reading one security related site to reading several, listening to podcast, reading books, going to conferences, and getting involved. If you’re interested in reviewing my presentation the slides are available here.

PRESENTATION: How to get started and keep up with information security by Timothy De Block

After my presentation Jeff gave us a review of ShmooCon which he recently attended in Washington, DC. Aside from scaring the shit out of us in regards to our vulnerable home routers, he also tolds us about the Keynote by Joseph Lorenzo Hall, which covered, “the intersection of technology, law, and policy.” Essentially, keeping the internet the open internet. He also told us about encryption and the police, a talk about analysis of point-of-sale (POS) software, Httpscreenshot, Masscan’s ability to scan the entire internet in 6 minutes (calling BS here), and also timing side channels which dealt with some cryptography voodoo.

After those two presentations we got into a little bit of a discussion on career paths into security and what someone would need to do for that. It was a great meetup with a lot of good back and forth and resource sharing. Our next meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, February 17, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there!