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January 19, 2016, meetup wrap-up

We had a really good meeting to kick off 2016. We defined some goals for 2016 including, but not limited to:

  • malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Wireless hacking

Then Josh gave a presentation on OSINT, using me as the target. Here are some of the resources he used:

These are some of the links to the facebook OSINT techniques from Michael Bazzell's website I mentioned in my talk last night.
This is a 75 minute demo where he teaches you the basics of OSINT on facebook

This is the custom facebook search link that includes the PIPL/API search that I've found usually yields some decent information on most targets:

Finally, we got into the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge. We had some connection issues and didn't get very far, but we definitely had some fun.

I figured out how hard it is to get scapy on Windows 10.

Here's the recording of our meetup.

December 15 meetup agenda at the Flying Saucer

We've decided to do the same thing we did last year for our December meetup. We will be going to a restaurant to enjoy some food that is not pizza, drinks, and some casual infosec discussion. This year we're going to head to the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in downtown Columbia.

We've submitted some infosec related questions for trivia. If you wish to participate in trivia we recommend getting to the Flying Saucer by 7:00 p.m. We hope to see everyone there.

September 15, 2015, meetup wrap-up - frameworks for securing things

We had an excellent meeting this month. About 14 people showed up and participated. We had a lot to talk about with BSides Augusta happening Saturday, the CTF planning for next month, and the usual infosec news. After that, Ralph Collum gave us an excellent talk on security frameworks and how to choose the best one. We finished with some videos from J4vv4d.

Next months meetup will be slightly different. We're planning to do two days. We'll meet our usual Tuesday, October 13, 2015, but we're also going to meet the following Saturday, October 17, 2015, for some capture the flag (CTF) fun. Details to come soon.

August 18, 2015, meetup agenda - Blue Team Starter Kit

Next week, I will be presenting my Blue Team Starter Kit talk, in preparation for my presentation of the talk at BSides Augusta, September 12, 2015, and DerbyCon, September 25-27.

The talk is focused on low cost tools for Blue Teams. The tools I plan to cover in the talk include:

  • Google/Twitter
  • OWASP Zed Attack Proxy
  • Mandiant Redline
  • Microsoft EMET
  • Admin Arsenal PDQ Deploy

These are tools I've found to be effective and accomplishing specific challenges given to me by management. And the best thing is that all of them are easy to use and free (PDQ Deploy enterprise is $500).

Also, we will discuss IT-ology Trends 2015 event at the meetup.

June 16, 2015, meetup wrapup - demo gods pwn presenter

Well it happened again.

The demo gods gave our demo presenter a case of the, "you're not presenting tonight" and thus we were left scrambling for a presentation again. It was still a good night though as we slogged our way through setting up Kali Linux and Metasplotable. Sandra also brought us some cool toys to play with and was kind enough to take notes and a recording of the meeting.

We started with introductions and the agenda for tonight. Then I shared some pictures of CircleCityCon. Adam then stepped up to the play and tried to give a demo until he realized he had downloaded the 32-bit version of VirtualBox and was trying to load 64-bit ISOs. Chris stepped in to assist in walking everyone through how to setup Kali Linux.

We were then distracted when Sandra pulled out some Google cardboard and sent us on trips to space museums, Paris, and other places. We then got back to business and discussed some VM nuances, movie reboots, and Edwin showed of the pfSense console. Back at the Kali Linux install we discovered that you shouldn't try to run a VM from an SD card. Metasploitable is up an running. I managed to pop a padlock in less than five seconds! After a few more errors and troubleshooting both Kali and Metasploitable are up and running. Success!

Robert wrapped up the meeting talking about OSSEC, which he will be presenting on at our next meeting.

Quotes of the night

"That's the problem with doing a presentation with a bunch of nerds; they'll tell what to do and what you're doing wrong." -Robert

"Peter Jackson will get bored and reboot the LORT movies" -Adam

(in the distance) "Ooooooo! Anyone want a cupcake!?" -Tim

Random other things

  • Teracopy is awesome
  • Don't download anything from Sourceforge
  • Hack news: LastPass and baseball hacks
  • Poly password hasher

Again, a big thanks to Sandra for the meeting notes. Our next meetup will be July 21, 2015.

May 19, 2015, meetup wrapup - pwned by the demo-gods

Last Tuesday was our May meetup for 2015. We had planned to dive into the game PwnAdventure3, unfortunately, it was meant to be as we had hardware issues with the server that was supposed to be running the game. Of course, it worked perfectly the week prior. I even completed the first task! We still plan to do PwnAdeventure3 at a future meetup.

The meeting didn't go too waste, however, we discussed several things:

Skycure -

Someone who attended HackMiami sent me this link. Based on "Crowd Wisdom," the map shows wifi networks that might have threats on them. We've got two in the Columbia, SC, area.

Cover VT -

We had a couple guys from Virgina Tech show us this nifty little link, that has their snort data mapped to Google Map API.

MT6D Visual Data Display -

This is a link that's meant to demonstrate one way of mitigating a DDoS attack. Essentially as I understood it, the IP address of a device or application keeps randomly switching, which in essence makes it harder for someone to DDoS an individual target.

Finally, we discussed a few things people would be interested in discussing for future meetups.

Thanks to everyone that came out. We look forward to seeing everyone next month!


May 19, 2015, meetup agenda - PwnAdventure3

The next ColaSec meetup we will be taking a look at the hacking game Pwn Adventure 3, which was featured at Shmoocon and in this article on WIRED. The game is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, where objectives are completed by hacking the game.

We have setup a server to run the game. Attendees will need to bring a laptop and download the game client from the Pwn Adventure 3 site. After downloading and installing, launch the client to run an update on it.

Some other things attendees might want to install/bring is a decompiler program to view the game files, like .NET Reflector. I've also found a walkthrough that uses utilizes Wireshark, so that might come in handy as well. Speaking of walkthroughs, feel free to do a little research ahead of time. Here are some links to get your started:

Ghost in the Shellcode - Home of the Pwn Adventure. Has walkthroughs on last year's version.

PwnAdventure3 - Main website.

Dead Packet Society - A walkthrough using Wireshark.

PwnAdventure2 walkthroughs:


Everlasting Wanderer


List of tools for static code analysis - Wikipedia

This exercise is something I've never done before and I those most of the group hasn't done before, so I'm hoping we can all learn and grow from the game together.