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Image credit: Zach Pippin

Soda City Battlegrounds Update for March 2019

Lots of progress was made during the last meetup. We now have pfSense setup and running as our primary firewall and have a distinct wireless network setup for accessing the battleground. Our next point of discussion will be how the internal parts of the network should be configured to allow each team access into the battleground without allowing access into areas that they should not be able to interact with. For example, we want the Purple team environment to be inaccessible from the Blue and Red team environments. We will also need to look into getting the VPN setup at some point. For now, the good news is that we can get into the battleground by connecting to it via wireless rather than a cable.

As always, we would like to encourage everyone (experienced or not) to come out to the meetups. We have been having them consistently every other Thursday at Whit E. Octopus. We usually get started around 6:30 PM and go until 8ish (depending on how much progress we are making).

The next meetup at the time of posting this will be March 28th.