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Image credit: Zach Pippin

Soda City Battlegrounds Update

Tonight we completed a final inventory of our hardware and identified the go-forward hardware for SCBG.  We have a few systems that should be outstanding for phase 1 and are ready to get started after a couple more sessions.

We also permanently racked the firewall, switch, and KVM switch.  As a consequence of this, the cables that were previously run for this gear no longer works, so we've striped all of the networking cables.

Next up, on January 31: 

  • Establish cable routes for data, KVM, and power.

  • Re-cable every server such that they can be serviced independently.

  • Establish basic connectivity with the gateway from each host.

Extra credit:

  • Get the Dell storage array working so we can have a sweet SAN

When everything above has been accomplished we'll build a basic remotely accessible VM lab on a single host.  This lab will host a network segment for intentionally vulnerable training VMs, set to revert weekly. 

Once we get that working regularly, I want to get a contained subnet built with packet capture & security onion upstream to host the known compromised hosts for forensic analysis.

After that it's on to phase 2.